The attorney's fee (remuneration) is subject to negotiation.

When the attorney accepts an assignment, he or she agrees with the client on the timing and amount of payment for the legal work completed. There are no fixed rates, so the range of attorney's fees is relatively wide. Among other things, the actual fee is based on the qualifications and experience of the specific attorney, the specifics of the case and the amount of work required. Therefore, the attorneys may undertake the same type of cases (e.g. property sale contract, divorce case, legal counsel, contract preparation, representation before the court) for different fees.

Some attorneys, typically those working for businesses, charge for the recorded work hours, while others work for a flat rate.

When judging attorney's fees, remember that it takes about twenty years of studying for someone to become a practising attorney and that this is a lifelong learning process involving foreign languages and advanced professional training. In addition, to ensure client security, each attorney has to maintain a professional liability insurance with substantial coverage and an office that meets the technological requirements of the day. Practising law is therefore expensive for lawyers, and their fees must be proportionate.

In civil litigation (court) cases, the costs of the trial must be borne by the judgement debtor. As part of the costs of the trial, the court also specifies the attorney's fee to which the legal representative of the judgement creditor is entitled. In such cases, the method for determining the attorney's fee and the amount are specified in the relevant ministerial decree of the Minister of Justice. (This decree only governs civil litigation cases or non-judicial proceedings.)

In criminal lawsuits the attorney's fee is subject to negotiation between the attorney and the defendant.

For those unable to afford a lawyer, there is limited availability of state-funded legal counsel (also known as the people's lawyer) under Act LXXX of 2003 on legal assistance.

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